How to Build Confidence with Voice Coaching (& How Forbrain Can Help)

Do you feel shy, self-conscious, or lacking confidence when it comes to speaking to an individual or...
Forbrain Team February 22, 2023

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for High School and University Students

Finding the perfect gift for a high school or university student can be challenging. This is especia...
Forbrain Team December 12, 2022

Five Back to School Strategies for Improving Attention and Memory for Better Productivity

When your kids go back to school, you’re likely to spend time finding them new clothes, stationery, ...
Forbrain Team August 15, 2022

Strategies to support reading comprehension for primary, secondary and high school students

As students make their way back to school, setting strategies to get their reading skills back into ...
Forbrain Team August 8, 2022

How College and University Students Can Overcome Post-COVID Social Anxiety?

Post-COVID social anxiety is real and is affecting students from around the world. In our blog post ...
Rowena Jesse May 23, 2022

Impact of COVID-19 on the Learning and Development of Kids: The Road to Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed huge pressure on students across the world. With self-isolation, sc...
Forbrain Team May 10, 2022

Eight Powerful Memorization Techniques for Exam Preparation

Preparing for an examination can be daunting, especially when it comes to figuring out how to memori...
Forbrain Team March 21, 2022

Reading comprehension is what really matters - How can we improve it with Forbrain?

Reading comprehension is key when it comes to your child becoming successful during their time at sc...
Forbrain Team February 11, 2022

Tips for improving reading skills in children and students with Forbrain

If you want your child to succeed at school or university and fulfill their potential, excellent rea...
Forbrain Team February 7, 2022

How can students use Forbrain with the active recall study method?

The active recall study technique is commonly used by students and schoolchildren wherein they test ...
Forbrain Team September 13, 2021

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