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How to Build Confidence with Voice Coaching (& How Forbrain Can Help)

Do you feel shy, self-conscious, or lacking confidence when it comes to speaking to an individual or a group of people?

Perhaps the experience is overwhelming or even embarrassing for you because you’re eager to make a good impression but concerned that everyone will know how nervous you’re feeling inside and judge you accordingly.

Maybe you’ve even noticed that people switch off when you speak, interrupt you frequently, and that you’re unable to convey your thoughts or emotions effectively in your career or personal life.

If this sounds like you, be reassured that you can transform your vocal presence, boost your communication skills, and feel more confident in any social situation, whether that’s meeting new people, public speaking, going for a job interview or even attending a meeting at work.

Voice coaching could be the solution.

In this article, we will explain what voice training and speech training is, who can benefit (and how), and how Forbrain’s scientifically-proven technology can help.

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What is Voice Coaching?

Voice coaching (or voice and speech training) is a method that can teach you how to control the tone of your natural voice so you can speak more clearly and with greater confidence.

It works by strengthening and coordinating the muscles in your larynx so you can improve your voice and diction.

These same techniques are often used for singers or actors, those with speech impediments such as stutters and stammers, or people who have suffered an injury to their vocal cords.

However, that’s not all. Voice coaching techniques are now being increasingly used by business professionals who want to climb the career ladder but believe that their communication skills could benefit from additional help.


They know that by doing so, they’ll perform better when attending job interviews, meetings, or networking events, can deliver presentations more effectively and can enhance their networking skills in business and in their personal lives. 

As American author, salesman, and motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar said in his book Secrets of Closing the Sale, If you are going to build your sales career to the fullest, you’ve got to do something that 95% of all salespeople never do. They never deliberately train themselves on how to use their voices more effectively.

 Parents and children are also witnessing the benefits of using tools like public speaking voice training, voice training apps, and voice rehabilitation exercises.

At this young age, many children are crippled by shyness or a lack of self-confidence that can impact all areas of their life. Voice training can help them overcome these issues and build the foundations for a brighter future.

Benefits of Voice Coaching

Whether you’re considering voice coaching to boost your business skills or simply want to speak more clearly in a range of contexts, voice coaching can help you level up your communication skills.


Feeling newly confident in your vocal abilities, you’ll be able to communicate with authority and convey your message with ease. You’ll beat your fear of public speaking, speak well in front of any audience, and know that your message is having a real impact.

If you have any minor speech impediments such as unintelligible speech, omitted sounds, added sounds, substituted sounds, or an inappropriate pitch, you’ll also be able to work through these issues and allow the confident, charismatic person inside you to emerge.

These same voice training techniques can be used for all ages, from young children to older adults who want to improve their communication skills.

Children and Teens

When children feel more confident in their voices, they can perform better at school and overcome any shyness. If using an innovative, scientifically proven method such as Forbrain, they can also boost their focus, cognition, and communication skills for better academic achievement.

University Students

To achieve their best, many university students must take part in group discussions, and presentations, and communicate effectively with their peers and teaching staff. Voice training can help them achieve their academic best and kickstart their future careers.

Adults of all ages

Many adults are keen to improve their job interview, presentation, and networking skills so they can get the job of their dreams or even land a promotion.

Others are more concerned about making closer social bonds, feeling confident when going on dates or attending parties, and wanting to have a bigger impact on the world.

Voice training can help them do exactly this- building their confidence and people skills whilst helping to boost their brain power.

In short, whether you’re an adult or a child, you could benefit significantly from voice coaching exercises.

Why should you use Forbrain for voice coaching?

While you could sign up for voice training or public speaking apps or hire a personal voice coach to improve your speaking skills, this can often be inconvenient or expensive, especially when you’re juggling multiple commitments.

That’s why we highly recommend you try out our pioneering learning device, Forbrain.

Advanced Technology

Using our patented technology, the headphones capture the user’s voice and then use advanced filters to analyze and enhance the voice, amplifying frequencies, tones, and rhythms.

This optimizes the auditory feedback loop, helping the user to naturally perceive, analyze, assimilate, and adjust their speech so it appears clearer, flows better, and therefore boosts the user’s confidence.

When used on a regular basis, this advanced yet affordable device can help boost your brain and improve your communication, concentration, and learning abilities. You’ll enjoy:

  • Clearer Speech - Forbrain helps you retrain your natural voice so you can communicate more clearly and confidently with an audience of any size. Whatever your chosen career or academic field, Forbrain voice training could be the secret of your future success.
  • Effective Communication - If you usually struggle with nerves before speaking to a group of people, public speaking, or meetings, Forbrain can help you feel calm and confident and convey your message with greater ease.
  • Better Performance - Using Forbrain helps boost your cognitive abilities and improves your concentration so you can ignore distractions, stay focused and boost your performance at school or work.

Intuitive and easy to use

Best of all, it’s easy and intuitive to use- simply wear the headphones, turn them on, and speak for a few minutes per day to see a vast improvement in your voice and, as a result, your confidence.

As one of our happy customers, Elcin Schipp said, “My eldest is usually shy and self-conscious but while he is wearing Forbrain he sounds so much better and you can clearly see the difference in his self-esteem.


If you want to boost your confidence, speak more clearly in a variety of contexts, and ensure that your ideas have a greater impact, voice coaching tools like Forbrain could be ideal for you.

By using our patented technology, you can use voice training exercises to become a stronger public speaker, perform better in meetings and presentations, network effectively, and fulfill your true potential.

If you’re more concerned about speaking clearly and with confidence when going on dates, meeting new people, or simply talking to groups of people in a social setting, Forbrain can help with this too.

It’s quick and easy to use, intuitively designed, and uses the power of the auditory feedback loop to boost your natural vocal skills, become more charismatic and achieve your best.

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