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Business English: How to Introduce Yourself at a Networking Event

Need to attend an important business networking event but you’re not confident about your English la...
Forbrain Team April 27, 2023

How to Succeed in Your Job Interview in English: Tips & Most Common Questions

Attending a job interview can feel daunting at the best of times. It can be even worse if you’re app...
Forbrain Team April 26, 2023

Research Study - Phasic boosting of attentional capabilities with a Forbrain session

The purpose of this empirical study will be to replicate the effects of a single fifteen-minute sess...
Forbrain Team March 8, 2023

Research Study - Impact of Speech treatment and Auditory Feedback training with Forbrain for Children with Speech Sound Disorder

Five to eight percent of all children in the United States have a speech sound disorder (SSD). By Al...
Forbrain Team March 8, 2023

The effect of sound therapy with Forbrain on reading skills and auditory discrimination for students with reading difficulties

Research shows that most children with reading and learning complications suffer from problems in au...
Forbrain Team March 7, 2023

Clinical Study on Forbrain’s effect on the reading process

This clinical study's aim is to study Forbrain’s working mechanisms and quantify the possible improv...
Forbrain Team March 7, 2023

Clinical Study of Forbrain's effects on reading speed and comprehension ability

A study conducted at the Mediterrani de La Ampolla School (in Tarragona) shows Forbrain’s beneficial...
Forbrain Team March 7, 2023

Clinical Study of Speech Fluency, Memory and Attention with Forbrain

This clinical study focuses on testing the effectiveness of Forbrain in improving reading speed, wor...
Forbrain Team March 7, 2023

The potential use of Forbrain in stuttering: A single-case study

We present a single-case study on the potential clinical relevance of a new altered auditory feedbac...
Forbrain Team March 7, 2023

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