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Clinical Study of Speech Fluency, Memory and Attention with Forbrain

This clinical study focuses on testing the effectiveness of Forbrain in improving reading speed, working memory, and attention.

By Carmen María Gómez Guillermo

Method: To test this effectiveness, it worked with 29 subjects, 14 of which formed the Experimental Group and 15 the Control Group, to which an initial measure of the levels presented in reading speed, memory, and attention was taken. Then, a training program for all subjects was carried out, which consisted of a daily 15-minute reading for 10 days. The Experimental Group made this training using the Forbrain device, while the Control Group made that training without the device. Once training was complete, a second measure of the levels in the different mentioned variables was taken, in order to assess the effectiveness of the device.

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Results: The results showed a significant improvement in the Experimental Group, but not in the Control Group, in the variables reading speed and attention, once they completed the training with the device. The results obtained in working memory are inconclusive, being able to have been affected by the repetition of the test since both groups showed an improvement post-test.

Conclusion: These results indicate a significant efficacy of Forbrain in important areas of education, such as reading and attention, and are encouraging for the possible use of Forbrain devices in schools to correct possible problems.

See the full report here

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