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Research Study - Effects of audiophonic loop training with Forbrain on reading accuracy and speed as well as on working memory and short-term memory in dyslexic patients

Dyslexia, or specific written language disorder (TSLE), is defined by impaired reading and spelling, without however affecting the patient's level of intelligence.

By Sarah Lucas

Introduction: The reading difficulties generally encountered by dyslexic patients relate to reading speed
and accuracy. Deciphering is not automated, which induces slow and not very fluid reading, but also
the production of phonological errors (Habib & Joly-Pottuz, 2008). We would therefore like to test whether wearing Forbrain can influence reading accuracy and speed in two dyslexic children, as well as their working memory capacities.

Discussion: The objective of this thesis was to analyze and observe the effects of the Forbrain headset on
reading speed and accuracy, as well as working memory and verbal short-term memory capacities in
two dyslexic patients. To carry out this study, we proposed a protocol adapted from that of Torabi et
al. (2018)  in which two young dyslexic children will wear the Forbrain, and the same training was performed with two other dyslexic patients who did not wear the Forbrain headset.

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Analysis: At the end of the protocol, we observe that all patients have increased their reading speed. This
means that they decode words more quickly. In the same way, we cannot attribute the observed improvement in working memory capacity to the Forbrain headset. Finally, this study has yielded encouraging results regarding the effect of the Forbrain headset on reading accuracy for the two subjects who used it.

Conclusion: Our study aimed to test whether the use of the Forbrain headset, as part of Torabi et al (2018) adapted training could influence the speed and accuracy of reading as well as working memory and
verbal short-term memory abilities in two dyslexic patients. Of the results of our experimentation, some results are encouraging. It seems that wearing the Forbrain headset improved reading accuracy in the two subjects tested. The participants made fewer errors during their post-protocol reading. These results could therefore open up new perspectives for the treatment of written language disorders, provided that the patient enjoys using the Forbrain headset.

Read the study here

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