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Clinical Study of Forbrain's effects on reading speed and comprehension ability

A study conducted at the Mediterrani de La Ampolla School (in Tarragona) shows Forbrain’s beneficial effects on improving reading speed and comprehension.

Method: Forbrain was used with 8 primary school students:  4 of them in first grade, 2 in second grade, and 2 in sixth grade over a 2-month period, with 4 weekly sessions, giving a total of 20 Forbrain sessions per child. To measure the student’s progress and evaluate the program’s benefit in the school, we used the standard reading speed test GALÍ in Catalonian.

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Results: Forbrain® improved all of the participating student’s reading skills. We also took into consideration that Forbrain has an important effect on other aspects of the child’s development as well. The average progression based on the speed test GALI has been evaluated at 25%.

See the full report here

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