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How can students use Forbrain with the active recall study method?

The active recall study technique is commonly used by students and schoolchildren wherein they test their memory after study sessions. 

In order to fully commit all the information that they learned in a classroom or in an online learning session to their memory, students frequently use the active recall method. The method can help students accurately try and retrieve the aforementioned information which can beneficial for their long-term academic aspirations. 

Is there a need for implementing active recall techniques for students? This research study from 2013 analyzed various studies about effective revision methods concluded that the active recall technique can be implemented effectively with minimal training.


Students can start by first reading a textbook or watching an online lecture thereby first learning the information. After taking down relevant notes, students can close the book or screen and try and recall the information that they just learned. If they are unable to recall, they can repeat the process of absorbing the information and active recall until they have committed it to memory. 


Forbrain is an innovative study device that is effectively complementing various study techniques that are being used by schoolchildren and university students all around the world. Forbrain uses the power of your voice to grow one's learning capacity which leads to sharper attention, stronger memory, and clearer speech. 

Forbrain strengthens memory over time by providing a full sensory workout for the brain. By practicing with Forbrain, students can better digest and recall complex information when preparing for tests or exams. When students employ the active recall method while studying, simply put the Forbrain on and practice by repeating aloud the relevant information from a textbook or lecture for no more than 20 minutes a day. Be it memorizing mathematical equations or preparing for the next history examination, Forbrain can help students and schoolchildren consolidate the information that they learn in classrooms and online lectures.

In a way, using Forbrain with the active recall study technique is the perfect marriage as they both share the same philosophy of continuous repetition by speaking out loud in order to boost memory. By consistently repeating information every day for only 20 minutes a day with Forbrain, students can improve not only their recall memory but also their focus, concentration, and speech!

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