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Speech-auditory feedback training on cognitive dysfunctions in stroke patients

This experiment was undertaken to observe the effect of speech-auditory feedback training by Forbrain on cognitive dysfunctions in stroke patients.

By Li Shuxing, Sun Jinju, Sun Dongmei, Chen Changxiang

Methods: 120 stroke patients with cognitive dysfunctions were randomly divided into experimental group 1(n=40), experimenta1 group2 (n=40), and control group(n= 40). The control group received conventional rehabilitation, while additionally, experimental group 1 received standard Forbrain speech-auditory feedback training and experimental group 2 received non-standard Forbrain speech-auditory feedback training. All the subjects were assessed with the Montreal Cognitive Assessment scale (MoCA) at baseline and the conclusion of the study.

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Results: After a 10-week intervention, the scores of visuospatial construction (2.05±0.50), attention and concentration(2.15±0.36), memory (2.18±0.59), and the total score of MoCA (18.75±2.05) in experimental group 1 were higher than those in experimental group 2 (1.80±0.46,1.90±0.441, 1.90±0.55, 17.53±2.41) and control group (1.78±0.53), 1.85±0.36, 1.70±0.56, 17.18±2.37) (P<0.05). The scores of language in experimental group 1 (2.03±0.48) and experimental group 2 (1.85±0.53) were higher than those in the control group (1.70±0.46) (P<0.05).

Conclusion: Speech-auditory feedback training, provided by Forbrain, can improve the cognitive functions of stroke patients.

See the full report here

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