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Setting goals for the new academic year with Forbrain

Have you set your academic goals for the new year yet? If not, you're in the right place!

Here at Forbrain, we are dedicated to helping students become their best as they work towards making their dreams a reality. Our brain training headset improves brain power by boosting reading, speaking, language, attention, and memory skills. Students are given the power to define and achieve their goals. Here are three goals for the student in your life.

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1. Read and Remember More

Did you know reading improves memory through the "production effect"? According to a study from the University of Waterloo, reading aloud helps keep vocabulary words in our long-term memory. Who benefits from reading and remembering?

  • PreK and kindergarten students who learn the alphabet, colors, numbers, and animals
  • Middle school and high school students who learn conceptual terms
  • University students who learn complex academic words
  • International students who are working on their language learning abilities and fluency

Using Forbrain to read aloud improves memory by activating the auditory pathways in the inner ear. Once activated, students can retrieve words from their memory with ease.

Let's look at five fabulous ways to increase the reading time (that all start with "F" 😎):

  • Follow a set reading schedule every day
  • Find books, magazines, or comic books that spark their interest
  • Facilitate their understanding of the material through explanations
  • Familiarize students with the connections between words
  • Free yourself from unfair expectations and have fun reading!

One last "F"… Forbrain!

Forbrain makes reading enjoyable for everyone. By speaking and reading aloud with the Forbrain microphone, the user's voice is heard with sharp clarity. As a result, sounds are processed with speedy efficiency by the brain, and comprehension skyrockets. This leads to a chain reaction: increased reading comprehension leads to ease of reading which fuels improved motivation.

2. Develop healthy study habits

It's Back to School season, which means we need to whip our brains into shape! We should consider education as a marathon, not a sprint. Like runners train and prepare for marathons by following a series of healthy lifestyle habits, students must develop healthy study habits to make it to the academic finish line. Don't just stand on the sidelines and cheer, be proactive. Follow these two do's and don'ts to help your student lace up and learn.

(i) Don't: Procrastinate. Do: Have a studying schedule

You may be surprised to learn that procrastination is simply a misunderstood monster. It doesn't discriminate, striking anyone ranging from young schoolchildren to doctoral candidates. Simply put, procrastination is the monstrous tendency to put off tasks until the last minute.

According to neuroscience research, procrastination isn't laziness. Two parts of the brain are involved in procrastination: the prefrontal cortex and the limbic system. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for making future plans, and the limbic system is the emcee of intense emotions.

Let's say your student has a project due and a fun puzzle left unfinished. When they imagine completing that project, the prefrontal cortex lights up, but soon the limbic system takes over. The limbic system decides to finish the puzzle because it is fun and less distressing.

Although procrastination may be misunderstood, it is still a monster. Psychologists have found that procrastinators suffer from high levels of stress and illness and receive lower grades than their peers. Having a set schedule for schoolwork is key to combating procrastination. Utilize Forbrain for a few minutes each day during study time to stimulate the brain. Using the example above, dedicate 10-20 minutes a day towards completing that project. When all is done, finish the puzzle together!

(ii) Don't: Give in to distractions. Do: Stay focused

There are more distractions today than ever. It seems like the tablet and mobile phone are constantly beckoning, "play with me!" At times, internal factors are responsible for distracting us as our mind wanders. Getting rid of all external and internal distractions is near impossible. Right?

The remedy is plain; use Forbrain!

We receive 80% of sensory information through our ears. This information influences the brain's level of attention. Forbrain eliminates pesky distractions by sifting sounds through its dynamic filter, which elevates bone conduction.

Once distractions are dismissed, students are able to stay focused longer and enjoy the learning process both in and out of the classroom.

3. Overcome challenges

Academic learning is a giant test of willpower, rife with uphill battles. Teaching students that they are capable of overcoming any obstacle set in their way is crucial. The first step in empowering our students in strengthening their self-confidence.

Here are some tips to make your student feel like they can conquer the world.

  • Enroll them in extracurricular activities. Studies tout the benefits of these activities because they cultivate a sense of belonging, leading to better mental health outcomes.
  • Take advantage of the vast array of digital learning tools for students. We live in the age of educational technology where apps and websites are effective study tools.
  • Ease their nerves. Let's face it, a constant sense of dread and nervousness can dampen anyone's self-esteem. Forbrain has a calming effect on the nervous system by drastically reducing sensory clutter. Within this calm, students see their manner of speech, writing skills, and reading techniques improved, resulting in increased self-confidence.

Whether students take the traditional classroom route or engage in online learning, these goals will help your student navigate the new year. After all, we want to make sure that they realize their full potential as they work toward their predefined goals. Forbrain is designed to both support and augment each person's learning ability. Let's work in tandem and make dreams come true.

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