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Effect of Speech-Auditory Feedback Training on cognitive dysfunctions in Stroke patients

This experiment was undertaken to determine the effect of speech-auditory feedback training on cognitive dysfunction in stroke patients.

By Sun JinjuChen Changxiang, Li ShuxingLi Dan

Method: 80 stroke patients with cognitive dysfunction were randomly divided into an experimental group (n=40) and a control group (n= 40). The control group received conventional rehabilitation, while, additionally, the experimental group also received Forbrain speech-auditory feedback training, 20 minutes per session, 5 sessions per week, for 10 weeks in total. All participants were assessed with Montreal cognitive assessment scale (MoCA) and the Livingston Cognitive Assessment Scale II (LOTCA-II) before and after the intervention.  

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Results: No difference between the scores of the two groups were noted before the experiment (P> 0.05). After the intervention, the total score of MoCA, the scores of attention and concentration, visuospatial construction, language, abstract thinking, memory, and orientation of the experimental group were higher than those of the control group; also, the total score of LOTCA-Ⅱ, the score of visual perception, visual movement, thinking operation, attention, and concentration increased as compared to those of the control group (P <0.05).

Conclusions: Speech-auditory feedback training can improve the cognitive functions of stroke patients.

See the full report here

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