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The potential use of Forbrain in stuttering: A single-case study

We present a single-case study on the potential clinical relevance of a new altered auditory feedback (AAF) device Forbrain in stuttering.

By Dr. Carles Escara

One adult who stuttered was tested in an appropriately-controlled single-case time-series (A-B-A) study. On each of six consecutive working days, the stuttering adult was instructed to read aloud during three different experimental phases: Baseline, Test, and Post-test, while wearing a Forbrain headset. During the Test phase, the device was turned on, whereas it was off during Baseline and Post-test phases. This way the transient effects of Forbrain could be analyzed.

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Six quantitative measures of voice quality were retrieved from the participant’s voice recordings during his readings over each phase of the experiment. Data were statistically analyzed through the single-case d-statistic. A clear transient effect of Forbrain, when turned on, was observed on voice quality, supported by significant differences between Baseline and Test, and Test and Post-test in the tilt of the trendline of the long-term average spectrum (tLTAS) of the voice. The present single-case study supports the effectiveness of Forbrain in modifying the voice during stuttering, supporting its role as an AAF device.

See the full report here

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