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Nursing Effect of Forbrain Brain Cognitive Training on Cognitive Dysfunction among Patients with Stroke

This experiment was undertaken to determine the effect of Forbrain training on cognitive dysfunction in stroke patients.

By Li Shuxing, Sun Jinju, Sun Dongmei, Chen Changxiang

Results: The scores of visuospatial construction,  attention and concentration,  memory,  language,  abstract thinking, and the total score in experiment group 1 were significantly higher than those in experiment group 2 and the control group  (P  <0.05);  the difference between the experimental group 2  and control group after the intervention was not statistically significant  (P>0.05).  In such light,  it can be concluded that cognitive training provided by Forbrain is effective in improving the cognitive functions of stroke patients.

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Conclusion: In conclusion,  Forbrain brain cognitive training can effectively improve the cognitive functions of stroke patients.  It is simple to apply and guarantees high patient compliance,  serving as a  great intervention modality for the rehabilitation of cognitive function. However, limitations on time and sample size necessitate further research with a larger sample size and refined grouping techniques.

See the full report here

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