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Maximizing the Benefits of Forbrain®  and Soundsory®  in Your Practice


Maximizing the Benefits of Forbrain® and Soundsory® in Your Practice


Forbrain and Soundsory are designed to maximize your therapeutic impact. They provide a beneficial workout during sessions, between sessions and can be recommended as a follow-up after sessions. They can be used together and or individually.

How to implement Forbrain into your practice?

It's best to introduce and use Forbrain with your client during an activity or game that they enjoy. In this case, you invite them to read a text aloud, speak, or even sing a favorite song to get accustomed to the headset. Then they can continue with their session while using Forbrain. Afterward, you can suggest using it at home for 15 minutes a day. Either it becomes a part of your package, or it is offered as an additional tool alongside your treatment plan.

💡 For children who are sensitive or shy, try wearing the headset yourself to demonstrate that it is fun and not scary or dangerous. You can also activate the headset and allow them to feel the vibrations in their hands while they are speaking before they wear it on their head. Introduce the headset with a favorite activity or toy can also be beneficial for children.

💡 Thanks to its secondary microphone, you can deliver exercise instructions or specific pronunciations directly to the person wearing the headset. This enables you to incorporate Forbrain into your session and also encourages parents to engage in home-based activities with their child.

How to implement Soundsory into your practice?

The Soundsory Program doesn't demand any specific effort from the user. All they need to do is put the headphones on and listen. It's best to engage in playful activities, drawing, or any creative endeavors that do not induce stress or tension. Screens are not compatible with the program, and it's advisable not to listen to it right before bedtime due to its dynamic nature.

💡Your clients can schedule listening sessions between your sessions, allowing you to provide guidance, gather feedback, and ensure support and ongoing monitoring.

If you are an Occupational Therapist, you can of course use Soundsory in your sessions. It is not only a great warm up but a great way to begin your session.

The exercise portion of the program can be practiced at home for a few minutes each day. Typically, children facing significant challenges complete a full 40-day loop of the listening program before redoing the loop and starting the exercises under your guidance or with parental assistance.

Choosing between Forbrain® and Soundsory®

Foundational Skills: Soundsory is suitable for improving posture, balance, coordination, motor control, and reflex integration.

Academic Skills: Forbrain is appropriate for enhancing learning, speech, reading, comprehension, and memory

Attention and Dynamism: If the primary focus is on attention and dynamism without significant balance and coordination issues, Forbrain is recommended. However, if there are challenges with balance control, consider a combination of Forbrain and Soundsory for maximum benefit. Alternatively, start with Soundsory and gradually incorporate Forbrain into the routine.

Kara Tavolacci, OT
Kara Tavolacci, OT
Kara is an Occupational Therapist, SIPT certified, who has been working for years with several different programs such as Sensory Integration Programs, DIR /Floortime, Tomatis® Method and Listening programs. Kara has her practices in New York and Paris.

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