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Parents review on how Forbrain helped their kids with Reading and Speech Fluency

Parents and families from around the world have put into words how Forbrain has helped their children. 

We are constantly programming our brains. While the brain is the main computer that drives so many functions of mind and body, it is also a computer we train with our thoughts and actions, mostly unconsciously.


For a variety of reasons, we repeat the same routines, whether that is thought process, habit, or even unconscious movements. The brain contributes to this in its own way. For a variety of reasons, the brain might have gotten into the habit of not paying attention or misreading letters, and with repetition, this habit merely gets stronger by reinforcing the brain’s programming.

Many cognitive problems arise because the appropriate amount and type of attention is not paid to the stimuli in front of us.  For example, memory decline often arises because people are not in the habit of rehearsing their memories and, as a result, memories fade because they are effectively neglected.

The same happens with reading and speech fluency.  For whatever reason, the brain is used to skipping past words or misperceiving them and over time, this becomes a habit. The habit itself can become a self-fulfilling prophecy unless you work hard to change the brain’s programming. For example, if you stutter each time you see a certain letter configuration, you’re not going to miraculously stop stuttering unless you get the brain to pay attention and reprogram it. In these cases what we need, is a change in the way the stimuli are processed. This becomes then a matter of attention and focus.

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Forbrain helps improve Speech, Attention, and Memory

Forbrain works by forcing the brain out of its usual habits and getting it to pay more attention and with greater focus. How does it do this?

By using bone conduction rather than air conduction, Forbrain changes the way the stimuli signals reach the brain. As a result, the user hears his or her speech quite differently. Moreover, the gating system used by Forbrain varies and amplifies varying frequencies that also demand attention and focus. In this way, Forbrain can finally get the brain to pay attention and with a much greater focus to what is being said, including words that the user is reading out aloud. In short, Forbrain significantly changes attention and focus, which allows for old listening, reading and speech habits to be replaced by more effective ones.

One reviewer commented on this process.

Review1I haven't been able to read at bedtime lately like I usually do because I've been so tired, but the amplification of my voice seemed to make me a bit more alert.” She added, “You really have to slow down and focus your attention on your speech because you are more in tune to what you are saying while using Forbrain." Read the full review here.

Another grateful mother said….

I saw improvement in my son and daughter’s fluency when reading out loud. I do not know exactly what clicked, but I believe the headset helped them hear their own voice as they read Bible verses out loud. Their brains seem to find a nice easy rhythm that was pleasing to their own ear, which makes it more pleasant to everyone listening to them read out loud.Review2

She also noted an “….improvement in lazy, mumbled speech. Oh, my, this mama is happy about this one! Our family tends to be on the quiet side, a little timid when talking with others. Wearing the headset during regular conversation at home has helped my children hear how their words are often muffled and lost as they speak. This made more impact than Mom saying “Speak Up!” By hearing their own voice, they gained confidence in speaking words out loud. They are more comfortable now letting others hear their speaking voices.” Read the complete review here.

There’s nothing so pleasing to a parent to a child that is making big strides in a critical part of his or her life. Here’s what another mom, said about her 17-year-old son’s use of Forbrain.

Review4He loved the way it helped him hear how loudly he was speaking and is helping him to retrain his brain to speak more softly. He has also been using it to practice reading aloud and it is helping him become more confident in this area.  I asked him what he thought of the headphones and he said they were a great fit for him and that he will continue using them as he prepares for upcoming interviews and speaking in public.” Read Ryan's complete journey here.


These experiences were not uncommon. Parents see their children actually paying more attention to their reading and speech fluency, and thus retraining their brains.

Another mother reported …

“…what I did see was my kids practicing talking. I saw them able to focus on their words like never before. Whenever they would pronounce something wrong I could see them almost immediately self-correct themselves to get their voice to sound like what they have heard others say before.” 

Another mother thought that Forbrain would be best for her son but she was in for a surprise.

Because little sisters always want to do what their big brothers are doing, another user was a 3-year-old.  At her age, her language and clarity is still developing so Forbrain made a very clear difference immediately even though she only used it a few times.  Each time she used it she would talk more slowly and deliberately, correcting herself when she would hear a word spoken incorrectly. It quickly helped her to say her ‘L’ sounds more correctly.” Read the full review here.

And one more

Review5My son said he could better hear the sounds he messes up on and was able to catch himself and slow down his speech. All in all, in just the short time we have used this I have noticed he slows down when he speaks. His reading aloud has gotten clearer and he is more at ease in speaking with others.”

it is not uncommon for parents to see changes in their children despite their lack of professional expertise. For example, one mom admitted..


So let’s be honest, I am no doctor or speech therapist but what I can tell you is how this headset has helped our family. Like I said before, my kids were literally fighting over who could use the headset. From the moment they first tried on the headset they instantly could hear how different they sounded. Instinctively each kid would want to talk out loud to hear themselves more.”

Review3Did I see any miracle cures? No, but what I did see was my kids practicing talking. I saw them able to focus on their words like never before. Whenever they would pronounce something wrong I could see them almost immediately self-correct themselves to get their voice to sound like what they have heard others say before.” Read how Catherine worked with her boys with ADHD and Dyslexia

Another proud mom addsI was absolutely surprised that I personally saw/heard an immediate improvement in speech with my 7th grader.  She has a kind of delayed type speech that borders on a mild form of stuttering. I noticed that before we got this unit, if she was reading a difficult passage her brain seemed to have to work harder and she would read more fluently."Review6

When she got too easy words and easy passages of reading the delay would get really bad at times. I was thrilled with the results in such a short time.  The stuttering/delay is almost non-existent when she is using this device.  I have also noticed the carry-through in that she does better even when not using the device.

Scientific research has shown that Forbrain does indeed boost attention and focus, and as a result, many other behaviors, like speech, reading, and even memory.  And the stories of parents mentioned above, show that science translates into a real change in abilities as the brain can now be retrained.



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