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Getting started with Forbrain - Usage Tips

Forbrain is a very easy-to-use tool and all you have to do is use your voice to practice! Here are a few usage tips to maximize your  Forbrain, feel free to adapt it to your own methods of learning.

For students and adults

profesional - bone conduction

  • Make sure the Forbrain headphones fit snugly against the skull and the headphones are fit correctly.
  • Avoid using Forbrain during bedtime
  • Remember to relax your position from time to time
  • Switch off other electronic gadgets that might be distracting
  • Pick a place that has the necessary furniture to promote good posture for prolonged, sustainable studying
  • Avoid chewing gum, snacking, using other screens or travelling during sessions

For therapists and parents


  • Whether working at home or at a therapy center, choose activities that your child or client enjoys or where your child is naturally more vocal
  1. Singing songs
  2. Vocal play
  3. Social games
  4. Reading books
  5. Drawing and Painting
  • Introduce the Forbrain by first showing the child how you would wear it, and talking about how you would place it on your head.
  • Pretend that they are a singer or a pilot and they would feel more engaged in wearing the Forbrain
  • Place the child’s favorite toy or object in their hands to keep them distracted as the Forbrain is fit on their head
  • When beginning practice with a child, keep the volume turned down low so that the sensation is not overwhelming to the child
  • Make sure to have a mirror present so that the child can see themself - they always think that they look cool!

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