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Study to gauge Forbrain's effects on reading and comprehension ability

A study conducted at the Mediterrani de La Ampolla School in Tarragona, Spain shows Forbrain’s beneficial effects in improving reading and comprehension.

Mediterrani de La Ampolla

This neurosensory stimulation program (Forbrain) was used with 8 primary school male and female students. The school’s diversity was taken into account (4 of the students were in first grade, 2 in second grade, and 2 in sixth grade), and some of the participating students had attention deficit issues. To measure the students’ progress and evaluate the program’s benefit in the school, the standard reading speed test GALÍ in Catalonian was used. 

This study showed Forbrain’s overall beneficial effect on the students. All of the participating students increased their academic performance and their ability to process information improved as well. 

Download and read the full report here.

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