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Tackling Dyslexia in children with Forbrain

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects a child's ability to read, write and spell. It affects the part of the brain that is responsible for processing language. Although dyslexia does not affect a child’s intelligence, children with dyslexia will often struggle in school. They may be incredibly creative, and great problem solvers, but still struggle with the fundamental skill of learning to read and write. Because of this, these children may feel like they are not as smart as their peers, and their self-esteem can take a hit.

There are various tools and strategies that can be used to help children learn to read, write and spell better at any age. Early intervention should always be emphasized as it would help recognize and take steps to help tackle the issue.


Forbrain is a digital learning tool that is being used by several therapists and families to use with children who show signs or are diagnosed with dyslexia. Forbrain allows the user to hear themselves slightly louder and this amplified effect makes the things that the user says out loud easier for the brain to process and remember.

In the following video, Grace Lindley, a speech and language therapist based in Paris, breaks down the different aspects of dyslexia - what it entails, observed symptoms, how Forbrain can help children with dyslexia, and activities to do with Forbrain. In her practice, Grace has routinely observed that children enjoy wearing the Forbrain, and seem to have better recall of sight words which often leads to increased reading fluency.

Check out her video series on various learning disorders in children, here!

Read more about Forbrain, here!

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