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Perspective - Forbrain helps improve speech and overall cognition

The Forbrain Experience

Rick Green, founder of TotallyADD (the most essential online resource dedicated to helping individuals with ADHD) had used Forbrain over the past year to help with his ADHD. In his own words he describes the tangible effects that he has observed from using Forbrain on his overall cognition.. 


Rick writes, "I decided to see if I can memorize Robert Service’s classic poem, The Cremation of Sam Magee:  There are strange things done, Neath the midnight sun, By the men who moil for gold…

I found it to be an unusual sensation.  The transducers transmit the sound and vibration and apparently it’s going through to my skull as well as my eardrum.

So I could hear myself, somewhat, but not exactly, like when I’m wearing headphones.  Instantly I became more aware of my own voice in a different way. 

The vibration of the two transducers was just a mild hum but it was unlike anything I’d felt before.  As if someone were talking to you from across the room and then suddenly they were a foot-away, speaking in a commanding voice.

It shows up most when I’m reciting The Cremation of Sam Magee.  My delivery becomes much more playful, more dramatic, or melodramatic. 

I needed to test this out.  Will it make a difference in focus, memory, confidence and enunciation?"


He continues, "Since I have the singing voice and musicality of a shovel, I tried singing along to some Beatles songs.  (The upbeat early stuff.) 😊

Rick Green of Totally ADD - Forbrain helps improve focus and attentiveness

It felt very different from simply being in an audio studio in front of a microphone with headphones on recording words or singing. The result of my Beatles Marathon?  I was able to appreciate how off key I was, and I was able to adjust.  I don’t expect Paul and Ringo to ask me to join them on tour, but I was noticeably better, more confident, less quavering."

"Even just reading or talking, I was more aware of my voice and my less than crisp enunciation." 


Rick says that Forbrain has enhanced his cognition to the point where he feels more focused and the ability to stay on a particular task has improved. 

"I have found that I am more conscious of my voice, what I’m saying, and how I am saying it. 

Many folks with ADHD tune out other people’s voices.  The experience of wearing the Forbrain headset made it easy to actually listen to myself.  Now I find I’m more aware of what I’m saying, how I’m projecting, and I’m able to add more range to my voice.  Not always, but in a way I haven’t been since I was rehearsing live shows. 

The fact that the Forbrain headset is being used by children and adults for a number of challenges and proving to be helpful, is enough to have me stick with it. 

If you want to learn more, the Forbrain website has links to numerous studies that show the value of this gadget for a number of different challenges. And the ones they’ve linked to seem to match my own experience!"

Read his full review, here!


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