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Can Forbrain help students unlock their brain’s hidden superpowers?

By using a scientifically proven device like Forbrain, students are able to reprogram their brain to unlock its full potential. 

Have you ever worried that you’re falling behind in your studies? 

Will you be able to graduate in your chosen field? 

How will you find a job after graduation?

Do you worry that you’re wasting your time and money in college?

University students, just like you, around the world are finding a solution to their struggles, using a technology called Forbrain. By using this scientifically proven device, they’re able to reprogram their brain to unlock its full potential. 

This revolutionary headset uses the power of our own human voice to program our minds for success. It improves focus, memory, and communication skills in only a few minutes a day. 

College students who use this technology are rising ahead of their competition, with an almost ‘unfair’ advantage over those who do not. Forbrain is helping countless students supercharge their brain to reach the top of their class and win dream jobs in their chosen industries. 

Could it help you too?

‘Brain hack’ your way to the top 

The world is more competitive than ever for students and recent graduates. In the past, just having a degree could earn you a well-paying job. That’s not true anymore. You have to be exceptional to get noticed and stand out from the rest. There are millions of other students, who will be fighting for the same jobs after graduation. Only the top few will get their pick of the best opportunities. 

Maybe you were born as one of those gifted few, with above-average intelligence and focus. Maybe you’re a skilled communicator who can charm anyone with your words, opening doors and new opportunities everywhere you go.

If so, consider yourself lucky. However, if these qualities do not come naturally to you, there is a way to train yourself to have them. 

Just imagine if you had: 

  • Unlimited focus, never getting distracted again 
  • Super memory and the ability to learn any new skill quickly 
  • Superior communication to spread your ideas and influence 

These are just a few skills that can be developed with the ultimate study tool – Forbrain.

Focus – a rare but most valuable resource 

Do you have difficulty sitting down to study for long periods of time? 

Is it hard to read or watch classes without feeling bored or getting distracted?

In a world filled with smartphones and social media, our attention is constantly pulled from one thing to the next. With an endless supply of content and information being thrown at us, our brains have become a little bit ‘broken’. 

This cycle of endless artificial stimulation changes our brains. It hijacks our hard-wired reward system to constantly look for the next hit of dopamine – the ‘feel good’ brain chemical. This mechanism is no different to addictive drugs or alcohol, and gets us hooked on social media, videos, and other content. 

By comparison, schoolwork doesn’t provide the same stimulation – it feels boring to us. Our attention spans are shorter than ever, because modern life has trained our brain to look for something novel and ‘more fun’.  

Since a dysfunctional brain has become the ‘new normal’, focus is one of the most valuable skills that you can develop in the 21st century. It is in short supply, therefore those who learn to train their focus will become the dominant experts in every field – while the rest of the world will struggle, unfocused and unproductive in a state of constant distraction. 

Just imagine how efficient you would be if you could actually sit down and finish every task that you started, with intense and unbroken concentration. The good news is, you can learn to do just this. 

Focus is a skill you can practice, with the right tools. With it, you can accomplish more in less time, become an expert at any skill quickly, and outperform others in your field. 

How does Forbrain help you develop focus?

Forbrain uses a concept known as the ‘auditory feedback loop’ that has been scientifically proven to help improve attention and focus, for even students with severe ADHD – without the use of drugs. This makes it an excellent tool for those wondering how to focus with ADHD.

This technology works with your brain’s need for stimulation – using your own voice. The only trick is to maintain your normal study routine, while wearing the device for 20 minutes at a time, 3 to 4 times a day. 

By reading your study materials out loud with the device on, you’ll hear the sound of your voice like you never have before. This direct conduction stimulates your brain in a way that results in a state of cortical alertness. 

In other words, it constantly ‘surprises’ your brain, and keeps it engaged, helping you maintain a state of alertness and focus that strengthens over time. By using Forbrain consistently, you will notice a significant improvement in your ability to concentrate. 

Communication – win the respect of your peers, professors, and employers

Do you hate making presentations or speeches, afraid that you might stumble over your words or sound foolish?

Have you missed out on opportunities in life due to a lack of confidence in professional or social situations? 

What if you had the power to win over friends and influence colleagues, through the sound of your voice?

According to Pew Research, college-educated Americans name ‘communication’ as the number one skill they attribute to job success, over reading, writing, math and science. The ability to speak clearly, command attention and deliver your message matters more than anything else in the professional world. 

Even in fields like tech and engineering, your speaking skill determines how you collaborate with others and how likely people are to adopt your ideas and appreciate your work. Whether you like it or not, humans are a social species and it affects us on every level. 

The importance of communication begins during the job hunt and interview phase.  The people who can communicate most effectively can better ‘sell’ themselves to an employer, even overcoming imperfect resumes or CVs. Using their confident speech, they can beat other candidates for top positions.

After landing the job, confident communicators get the promotions over those who are quieter, sitting behind closed doors doing difficult mental tasks.  Office politics and negotiation are real factors for career advancement, and your success depends on how you speak to other people - both inside and outside your organization.  

How does Forbrain help develop communication skills?

Forbrain has been proven to strengthen the quality of your voice, making you feel and sound more confident through practice with the auditory feedback loop. 

You’ll quickly discover the power in your own voice, wiring your brain with the confidence to speak in a way that demands the respect of your peers, professors, and future employers. 

Do you have a stutter or other speaking difficulties? 

Even for those with severe speech, language, and communication disorders, Forbrain has been used successfully by speech and language pathologists. It’s even been shown to improve conditions like Dyslexia and Autistic Spectrum disorder! 

Even if you are not diagnosed with a language, learning or speech disorder, you can improve your social communication. Best of all, you can do it in the comfort of your own home, without the risk of embarrassment in front of others. 

In as little as 3 to 4, 20 minute sessions a day, you can become the confident, articulate speaker that you’ve always wanted to be. Forbrain only works if you use it consistently, but by committing to speech practice with the device, you’ll develop the speaking skills that will unlock endless opportunities in your life and career.

Memory – making sure your education counts

Do you ever forget important information while taking an exam?

Have you ever felt embarrassed and had to say “I forgot”, when you didn’t know the answer to a question?

Do you often forget important deadlines or priorities?

Memory is a strange thing - we often don’t think about it until after we ‘lose it’ – and it’s too late. But memory is so much more than just retaining random facts or dates.  Memory is fundamental to learning. We can only absorb and retain our learning if it is successfully encoded into our memory. It doesn’t matter how quickly we read or how many hours of class we attend, if we’re not actually retaining the knowledge that we receive.  

Just like focus and confident speaking, it’s actually possible to strengthen your memory, just like a muscle – ensuring it will never fail when you need it, and allowing you to learn more efficiently. Your learning efficiency, determined by the strength of your memory, determines how well your education will ‘work’ in the long term. 

Think about it  - you spend a lot of money and time on your university education, but how much of the knowledge will you actually keep? 

How would you feel if you were to forget all the skills you had learned? Without a properly trained memory, you might be wasting your education. 

It doesn’t just stop with university courses either. Learning is a lifelong skill that is required for long-term success.

Top performers are those with strong memories who can learn new skills quickly and build their repertoire of high-value competencies. 

The world is moving faster than ever before. Technology changes at a blinding pace, and those who can learn new things are those that will continue to have job security through turbulent times. 

As we get older, we can start to lose our memory, unless we actively train it. Today, there is a multi-million-dollar industry fueled by older adults who are desperate to regain their memory. It’s never too early to start training for the long haul, ensuring you can stay sharp and keep learning through the years.  

There’s a foolproof way to build a memory like a steel trap, without drugs, using Forbrain. 

How does Forbrain improve your memory?

Using the power of your voice, and the auditory feedback loop, you can develop a strong memory, that encodes new information quickly and efficiently for quick recall during exams, and allows you to retain your university training long-term.

Repetitive use of your voice, using Forbrain, exercises and trains your brain. By following a few simple exercises, you can tap into areas of the Cochlea – the inner ear, which has a direct connection to the same pathways in your brain that control memory.  

With just 20 minutes of practice, 3 to 4 times a day, you can strengthen these pathways and prime your brain to learn faster, forget less, and retain more. Just make it a consistent practice to study while speaking into Forbrain, and you’ll soon notice a dramatic difference in how you store and retain new information. 

Are you ready to unlock your brain’s next level of performance?

Top performing students around the world are using next-generation study devices like Forbrain to their advantage, using the scientifically studied auditory feedback loop to improve their focus, communication and memory. 

The world that college graduates face is incredibly competitive, employment isn’t guaranteed and many young people are at risk of being left behind without the skills to make it in their chosen field.

Three skills that can help set you above the competition are focus, confident communication, and the ability to absorb and retain knowledge. All three of these can be developed through the auditory technology of Forbrain, and the Tomatis method – the most advanced program in sound therapy that has been developed with over 60 years of rigorous study. 

Are you ready to train your brain for optimum performance? Give the award-winning neural technology of Forbrain a try today.  

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