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Bringing Out Your Inner Genius by Tapping Into the Hearing-Learning Connection

Bringing Out Your Inner Genius by Tapping Into the Hearing-Learning Connection

Forbrain uses your voice to boost your brain.


New tools, New Possibilities

Forbrain bone conduction headphones retrain the brain while sharpening focus and responsiveness to auditory input and other types of sensory stimulation.

Perhaps you have found yourself moved by the sound of a loved one’s voice from a recorded message, or the rustling sound of wind through leaves on a bright autumn day gives you a profound sense of well-being. Even if a song captured your attention while you were engaged in another activity, you have experienced the positive benefits of auditory processing.

Harnessing the Power of Auditory Processing with Forbrain

All of these experiences come down to one thing: auditory processing and its impact on sensory processing—in other words, how we experience the world around us, and how effective we are at learning and communicating. For decades, neuroscientists have studied the various internal and external stimuli that impact the nervous system. With the use of pharmacology, they have discovered how to modulate precise areas of the brain and elicit desired responses. Although neuroscience is a complex discipline, one of the simplest neurologic applications has opened the door for improved learning and reading skills, better communication skills, enhanced memory, sharper focus, and an overall positive shift in mood and sense of control.

Advancements in Technology A broad array of studies have made it possible for researchers to fully appreciate the role that auditory processing plays in learning and language-related performance.

By harnessing the power of auditory processing through bone conduction instead of air conduction, Forbrain retrains the brain, while sharpening its focus and responsiveness to auditory input, and other types of sensory stimulation. Consisting of a headset, microphone, and dynamic filter, Forbrain enhances the auditory process by using bone conduction rather than air conduction.

Air Conduction Versus Bone Conduction

What’s the difference? Auditory processing through air conduction involves sound waves captured by the outer ear traveling through several layers of bone and cartilage until they reach the inner ear. In contrast, bone conduction occurs when sound waves are transmitted through the bones in the head. The amplified bone conduction in Forbrain is not only louder and clearer, but its targeted vibrations stimulate certain nerves. There is a sense of focus and immediacy that did not exist before. The net effect is a workout for the brain and the entire nervous system.

As a result of using bone conduction to process language, students and professionals are able to function at optimum levels and gain an all-natural, drug-free competitive advantage at work and school. At the same time, individuals with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, are able to overcome difficulties and realize their inborn talents and intelligence.

Bringing Science to Life

Despite the fact that that Forbrain can be used easily anytime and anywhere by slipping on a pair of headphones, the neuroscience behind Forbrain includes studies of brain plasticity, types of neurofeedback, and Audio-Visual Entertainment (AVE). Years of this type of research has made it possible for researchers to fully appreciate the role that auditory processing plays in learning and language-related performance.

Renowned cognitive neuroscientist, Carles Escera, PhD, Director of the Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior at the University of Barcelona, shares that auditory processing-based brain training can improve deficits in conditions such as dyslexia, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, and even the aging brain, as they relate to speech-in-noise perception (how speech is heard in a noisy environment). Auditory processing training can also help give high-level performance an added advantage. Forbrain provides a platform for changing how we hear, but ultimately the power is in the words we speak.

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