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5 tips for easy learning at home using Forbrain!

Forbrain is a great learning tool that students and children can use to complement their academic pursuits from home.

The world is slowly getting back up to speed with pre-COVID19 learning patterns and most schools and educational institutions are finally open. Throughout the pandemic, parents and teachers have given it their all to help their kids feel comfortable with their new learning environments which they were not used to before. In addition to setting up structured lessons from home, parents and teachers leveraged the efficacy of Forbrain to help improve attention, reading skills, social communication, and overall learning!

Auxane, a student in France talks about how she uses Forbrain in her daily lessons and while preparing for examinations. She used it regularly and she believes that it is a great digital learning tool for high school students and university students. Forbrain helped her increase her brain power and improve concentration and memory while studying.


5 tips for easy learning at home using Forbrain!

Here are some actions that parents can take to help their children learn from home.

1. Prepare and manage assignments sent from educational institutions

Schools emailing homework assignments to students is effectively the new norm. In order to facilitate courses and lessons, parents can print learning materials the night before and come up with a daily curriculum plan for their children. Having notes printed thereby reading something tangible whilst wearing the Forbrain headphones would enable students to better focus on their work and learn on their own. For children who need a bit of help or supervision from their parents, Forbrain helps keep them focused but also leaves their ears unblocked, meaning that they can wear the headphones but at the same time get help from their parents. Reading aloud from the printed notes and speaking into the Forbrain microphone helps students to learn better and faster by training the brain to be more receptive to their voices.

2. Create a dedicated, learning space for children

Parents can work on creating a dedicated space for their kids to work at - like the family dining table! Parents know their children best and it is essential that productivity is maintained throughout the day. Parents can spend time with their children by assisting them in their assignments with Forbrain in tandem. Whilst using the Forbrain, kids should be sitting upright at the dining table to derive the most benefits out of the headset. Watch this video to learn how to maintain the correct posture!

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3. Be flexible around scheduling

Maintaining a consistent period where work gets completed is what parents should be aiming for when overseeing their children’s academics at home. Breaking tasks in 15-20 min blocks with quick 4-5 min breaks in between. Parents have to be reasonably flexible around timings – if progress is not being made on an assignment for example, ask your child if they need assistance.

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4. Organize fun learning activities

Parents can incorporate fun and engaging tasks to keep them busy throughout the day while keeping the Forbrain on. Organize a quiz with the whole family or play a movie subtitle game where they could think of lines that actors could possibly say and say them out loud while keeping the audio muted!

5. Leverage e-learning resources

Breakdown in communication with children when they are learning from home is very common – they can get distracted or frustrated due to the lack of visual cues in coursework or otherwise. Parents can consult a plethora of online resources – along with their children to solve the issue at hand. Interactive, visually stimulating videos can reinvigorate interest in completing a particular task. Wearing the Forbrain and working with Youtube videos that can help explain a particular chemistry theorem can be super beneficial to students as they can approach the issue from another angle.


As a parent, you would want to use Forbrain in a way that would get the best out of your child. If your child seems very focused but lacks the confidence in public speaking and oration, create a theater game for them where they could role-play while wearing the Forbrain. If your child is adept at reading comprehension but finds it difficult to focus during math homework sessions at home- use it then!

Adapt Forbrain to your child's needs and continue to reap the benefits of the tool!

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