FORBRAIN® celebrates the Occupational Therapy Profession during OT Month and attends the AOTA 2019 Conference in New Orleans, LA!

by Dominique Brewer

April is the National OT Month in the U.S., meaning occupational therapists get 30 days to celebrate everything that makes their profession one of a kind! Every year the American Occupational Therapy Association, AOTA, represents 213,000 occupational therapy practitioners and students in the United States. AOTA educates the public and advances the profession by providing resources, setting standards, and serving as an advocate to improve health care.

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Forbrain present at the AOTA Annual Conference & Expo

by Forbrain Team

The 2019 AOTA Annual Conference & Expo features over 1,400 educational and poster sessions, exceptional speakers, and an Expo Hall filled with the latest products and opportunities.

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